Tuesday, May 28, 2013


     Okay, so I may have totally forgotten that I even have a blog for the last little bit - oops!! I am working on getting myself back into a routine with everything - obviously don't have that one figured out yet! :)
     We had a great Memorial Day weekend! We were able to go to a local dog show, hot air balloon launch and fireworks display - our Memorial Day tradition. Peanut loves ALL the dogs and seems to make it her goal to pet every dog there. So, she'll run from one dog to the next without even letting the owner finish their sentence! That was pretty much the way things went until she found it... the one dog she had asked and asked me if we would see. I insisted that there was no such thing as a pink dog. But, wouldn't you know it, she proved me wrong once again! She found a black poodle who had half her fur dyed bright pink! She spent at least 20 minutes petting that dog and letting me know that it was "the softest dog ever! If the owner would have allowed it, I'm sure she would have brought the dog home! Pumpkin, on the other hand was mostly interested in wrestling with his cousins! He still enjoyed himself - it was just a different type of enjoyment. I'm sure his favorite part was the stop at the toy store. At this particular toy store, they have all sorts of toys out for the kids to play with so he always loves a visit there! The hot air balloons were a treat as always. We got to see 2 launches and their balloon glow that night. It truly is a great family tradition that we all enjoy!
     On Monday, when we were thoroughly exhausted from all our fun the day before, we decided we needed to get our garden put in. We got a late start but worked steadily all day. We expanded our garden this year - we have our "small" garden - 10 feet by 23 feet - and we expanded our "big" garden to 30 feet by 30 feet. My husband would tease me everytime I said, I don't know if we are going to have room for this! We managed to get everything planted except the potatoes which hopefully will be planted in the next day or two - or as soon as the rain slows down! My husband and I agree that there are not many things (nothing we can think of right now) that are more beautiful than freshly turned soil with a beautiful green plant in it. Of course, a lot of our garden just looks like freshly turned soil since we planted seeds but still the starter plants we bought are absolutely beautiful! My husband's dream is to retire and become a farmer. Of course, with our 1/2 acre that would involve moving so it's a dream that is a little ways off in the future. For now, we make the most of the land we have and enjoy trying new varieties and new plants every year. This year we planted 10 tomato plants - 7 different varieties including orange, yellow, stripey and even, purple! We also planted squash, pumpkin (which are so much fun to grow!), watermelon, canteloupe (our first year to grow melon!), corn, radishes, eggplant (yum!), lettuce, snap peas, cucumber, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, celery and beans. It's going to be a beautiful harvest! And I'm sure we will have PLENTY to share! I must say, this has become one of my favorite things to do and watching the garden grow has become a beautiful part of my summer! :) Oh - and just a side note, it only took us about 9 hours to get the garden beds ready and planted! LONG day but it will certainly be worth it in the fall!