Monday, March 4, 2013

School days, school days

     Lately Pumpkin has been talking about being home-schooled again. I have started to get little details from him that have surprised me quite a bit. For example, he told me that he got in trouble a lot. When I asked him  why he got into trouble he told me that he got in trouble for pouting. That just made me wonder what they were doing to my son that would make him pout. Yes, a bit of the mama bear coming out in me. Tonight I started asking him more pointed questions - were most of his class mates his friends? Was anyone mean to him? Did anything make him sad? He told me that there was a time he had kind of scrunched himself under his desk and his classmates stole his book from him. He said he took it back and that was the end of that problem. However, my husband and I were quite upset to hear that he was hiding under his desk! We asked if he did that often and he said yes, sometimes. This has so upset me that I'm not even sure I want him to finish out this school year there! Again, the mama bear/over-reacting protective mama coming out in me. It just breaks my heart that my son is having a negative school experience. I have heard many people say that this grade is just not the best group they have seen. I've also heard that the current grade below Pumpkin is a great group of kids with great, God-serving, spiritually-minded parents. If we follow the teacher's recommendation and hold Pumpkin back a year it seems he would be surrounded by better friends. However, I now have a son who really wants to be home-schooled and no great answers to his questions about the possibility of home-schooling. I just am torn. I don't want my baby to be upset and have so much to handle - it's been a tough enough year without adding junk happening at school! On the bright side, I don't have to make a decision right away. Also, the things he's told us about aren't that bad - they just are less than what we were hoping for. Overall, it has still been a good experience. I just wish our eyes had been more open when it came to the things Pumpkin was experiencing. I wish we had been more involved in his classroom so we could have seen some of these things in context. I wish there had been some sort of entry-test so that Pumpkin could have been placed in the grade below his current grade. I suppose this is the way it was supposed to be. Perhaps if I had known about these things when they happened, I wouldn't have been able to handle them. Also, home-schooling would not have worked at all this year. So, I am left with some thinking and a lot of praying to do. Either way, my husband and I need to get on the same page so that we can approach this with one mind and lots of support for each other.