Monday, March 11, 2013

Looking up

     Well, since my last post I have done much better having a positive attitude. I am really focusing and reminding myself how very blessed we are. It helps that this weekend we had some bright sunshine and the temps warmed up a bit! It was almost feeling like spring for a minute there! Tomorrow our temps come back down but I will continue looking up!
     The school year is nearly finished. It feels like just yesterday we were getting the kids ready for their first day of school! I was so nervous to not be home schooling this year! The time has really flown by! We are almost done with our 3rd quarter! Both kids are doing great. However, we are struggling to decide whether to hold Pumpkin back a year or not. He is doing great academically. However, his teacher feels that the struggles he is having are because he is young. Since he is asking to be home-schooled I wonder if holding him back a year might change things for him. He is such a great kid and I'm just not sure what this could do to him. I want him to be a confident leader. It is a difficult decision that we are approaching with a lot of prayer and open communication between us and Pumpkin's teacher.
     On the other hand we are certain Peanut will be repeating kindergarten. She has missed way too much school to not repeat. On top of that she has shown some difficulty learning things early this year - before her AVM was partially treated. She doesn't care - she loves school and I don't think she realizes yet that all her friends will be in another grade. She makes friends so easily and loves everyone so I don't have any concern over this decision.
     I will continue making my focus positive and seeking to acknowledge every blessing God sends my way! It will be wonderful to see what this week holds!