Tuesday, March 26, 2013


     While we tried to laugh off some of Peanut's hallucinations yesterday, they have become much worse and quite a concern. She started with people, sparkles on the ceiling, floating objects. She started rubbing her coloring page and I asked her what she was doing. She replied, "I'm putting sparkles on my page!"  Last night she refused to sleep. She kept seeing bugs and bees and just didn't seem able to sleep. Around 2:30 my husband crawled into bed with her and pulled out a coloring book and crayons. I slept while they colored.... for 3 hours. Once I was awake again things were clearly worse. She was seeing mice and she didn't like what they were doing. She was very agitated and we couldn't calm her down. They called a doctor in and he ordered Benadryl thinking it was a possible drug allergy. While we waited for the Benadryl to arrive and then for it to begin working, Peanut was repeatedly terrified to the point that she curled up in the fetal position. She often cried about mice - at one point saying there was a mice in her doghouse (the plastic cover they put over her IV to protect it). When we took the doghouse off to show her that there was no mouse, she started screaming that it had gone in the IV and was hurting her. She was crying in pain, waving her arm around and trying to shoo things away. We tried to fight these hallucinations by telling her that they weren't real. At one point she looked up at the ceiling and screamed "A SNAKE!!!" It was the most terrified we have ever seen her and it terrified us. We tried to comfort her, trying to rub her back or her hand and she would pull away from us - something she had never done before. I asked my husband to pray over Peanut and she said no and then threw a fit when he prayed. She has always been calmed by prayer and eager to be prayed for as well as to pray for others. She said she was too hot so we took off her hospital gown. There just didn't seem to be anything we could do to console her. There was clearly something wrong and she was not herself. She didn't sleep at all throughout the night. I sat at her bedside and prayed over her. Prayed for God to fill her with His Spirit - prayed for God to remove the scary things she saw. Finally, the Benadryl began to kick in. She crawled onto my lap and I rocked her. She still would look around and start to scream or cry. We decided to try a different approach with the hallucinations. We began telling her that we would protect her and that God was with us and He would protect us too. I asked her if we should pray and she agreed so I prayed over her. I prayed that God would fill the room with His angels. That Peanut would be protected and that these scary things would be gone. I prayed that whatever was going on in her body would be healed by God. After our prayer, if she got scared I would say, "God is with us." and that seemed to calm her down quite a bit. I quoted scripture to her - only a couple verses that I could think of but I felt the need to address the spiritual side of this. I told her that she needed to sleep. When she said she couldn't sleep I told her God would supply all her needs - even the need for sleep. I quoted that verse to her, "God shall supply all your needs according to his glorious riches through Jesus Christ our Lord." Finally, she has calmed down but she is still convinced that what she saw was truly here.
     Eventually the Neurologists came in and talked with us. They didn't feel that this indicated an allergy to medication as the meds should be out of her system. They are concerned about seizures so she will be on an EEG monitor soon. It's also possible that it's a type of migraine although she hasn't complained about a headache at all. Of course, seizures are our biggest concern because her original bleed was precipitated by a seizure. She has been having these hallucinations for over 12 hours now so they are concerned and will begin searching for explanations. Looks like we are going to be here a little longer than we thought.
     Several hours later: Well, the EEG went well. Peanut didn't even fuss while all the wires were attached to her! She sat fairly still throughout the 20 minute test and had several hallucinations. She didn't fuss again when all the wires and tape were removed. She is such a trooper! The EEG results came back this afternoon - no seizures! Thank God for that! So, we were sent home with the hopes that some sleep, being in her own environment and getting back to her own routine would eliminate the unexplained hallucinations. For the 3 1/2 hours we were home before Peanut went to bed she only had 2 minor hallucinations. Here's hoping a full night's sleep eliminates the last of these hallucinations. We are so happy to see her sleeping peacefully!