Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Proud of my baby

     Over this past weekend my husband and I decided that we needed to sit down and tell Peanut all the details of her next treatment. A good friend had talked with me about Wigs 4 Kids (http://www.wigs4kids.org/) and gave me the idea of having Peanut get a haircut and donating her hair. So, we sat down and began talking about this next treatment. I told her that her hair might fall out. I told her that there were kids who had a disease called cancer and that their hair was gone for a long time but that hers would probably grow back pretty quickly. I explained that there was a company who made wigs for those kids and that you could have your hair cut and donate it for a wig. As hard as this all has been for me and my husband, Peanut just took it in stride and immediately latched onto the idea of donating her hair. I was able to show her photos of my friends daughter who has been battling leukemia so she knew what it would look like when she started to lose her hair and then after we shaved her head. I told her that she would be allowed to wear hats to school if she lost her hair. She asked lots of questions and wanted lots of details. As well as I could, I explained to her everything she wanted to know. The next morning, she and I went out to get her hair cut. It was an emotional morning for me but a truly exciting morning for her! In fact, she was so excited that it messed up her blood glucose readings! :) She was great at the salon and was thrilled to see the hair she could donate. We left the salon with a beautiful little girl with a short haircut and a huge smile on her face and a certificate for her first haircut. That night at dinner as we all shared our best part of our day, we were so touched to hear Peanut say that her best thing that day was that she was able to cut her hair and donate it "to the wig place". So precious! Our five year old little Peanut sure does make us proud... and teary-eyed.

From long haired beauty to short haired cutie!