Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Science takes over our life...

     Having never participated in a science project, I had no idea of what to expect when Pumpkin decided he wanted to participate in the Science Fair at school this year. Now, the deadline is looming and I am lamenting our lack of action in the days after this decision was made. I had no idea how long documenting all the results would take! The experiment itself took maybe 2 minutes. However, interpreting the results is quite the lengthy process! On top of that, we are doing our best to see that Pumpkin does most of the work himself. So, the graph that I could complete in under a minute, takes him 5 minutes. I love that he's learning and that he's working so hard at this science project. However, I had no idea it would take over our life. We spend hours every evening working on this project. The deadline to set up your display is Friday. And we haven't even started putting it together! I don't do well under pressure apparently. I am so preoccupied I feel like I can't think! I am having to make notes about every little thing. Things like: remember to bring the kindergarten snack in the morning, call the doctor about upcoming appointment that doesn't work with our schedule, do homework with Peanut. I am hoping that in the end, Pumpkin is satisfied with the results and is glad he decided to do this. Of course, I am also hoping that he earns some sort of prize too!
     In the meantime, we are continuing to move forward with Peanut's AVM treatment. She had her MRI this week and did great. It was a complicated hospital visit because of her multiple diagnoses. We were thrilled to come home shortly after the MRI was completed and Peanut was wide awake. Of course, we won't know the results for a little bit. I was hoping we would have a date for the next step - radiation - but we weren't able to get that yet. I assume, we will have that when we go to the the MRI follow-up appointment.
     So, we are busy but doing good. I am treasuring my time with my children and husband and continue to be amazed at how quickly time flies. We are approaching the one year anniversary of Peanut's brain bleed. I'm not sure how that anniversary should be marked. Should we celebrate the year we've shared that we weren't even sure we would get? Should we let it slip quietly by? Should we have a big party with family and friends? Should we pretend that day is nothing special? Only time will tell how we spend that day but I know my mind will be filled with the images, emotions, sights and sounds of that day. It is incredible to see the changes from that night to this day. We are blessed with a bright, healthy (despite a life-threatening birth defect), happy, and energetic daughter! We look forward to many, many more years as a family of four.