Wednesday, January 9, 2013

An anniversary and a new appointment

     My husband and I just celebrated another anniversary. Thanks to a sweet friend who got us a gift certificate to a local restaurant we had never been to before, we had a great dinner out celebrating just the two of us. I can't remember the last time we were able to go out just the 2 of us and really enjoy it. I know we went out on a date after Peanut's first hospitalization but we were so worried about Peanut that we just hurried through it, unable to enjoy much of it. We had dinner at a great restaurant - my husband's new favorite! The whole evening was perfect. Peanut and Pumpkin spent the evening playing games with their aunt, uncle and cousins. We knew they were having a blast! Plus, we knew my sister could completely handle anything that came up with Peanut. At the restaurant we had the perfect table - off in the corner with very few people around us. So, we were able to talk freely. It was so nice to sit and chat about anything and everything! We really enjoyed the atmosphere and the food was fantastic. We finished the evening with the most delicious red velvet cheesecake! It was a perfect evening! We returned home just in time to play a couple games with the kids and then watch some TV while they munched on popcorn. It was such a perfect evening I hope I don't ever forget - or stop trying to re-create it!

Our spectacular dessert!

     Today was a new day. (As all days are...) It was back to "normal" life. We heard from the doctor and have a definite decision for the next step in treating Peanut's AVM. She is scheduled for a special kind of MRI later this month. (I was told that it is called a "stealth brain MRI" which sounds WAY cooler than it is!) Because she is allergic to the dye they use this means we will again be admitted to the hospital. She will have another steroid prep which means another round of crazy blood glucose levels. However, we've adjusted pretty well to this so we will handle it fine this time, I am sure. After they have a clear picture of the precise location and size of the remainder of the AVM, Peanut will have one radiation treatment. She will not lose her hair or have any of the side effects that typically go along with radiation treatments. However, they have let us know that it is quite likely that she will have some temporary deficiencies that develop about 2 months after that treatment. We are a bit worried about that. Once again, I know we just need to trust God. Yet again I find myself trying to just leave it all in God's hands. I know He will carry us through this. I know He is my strength. If I did not get my strength from God I know that I could not handle another long road. I am so thankful for a heavenly Father who loves me so much and is willing to carry every burden I have. Once we get past the temporary deficiencies we will still be playing the waiting game. It takes 2 years after the radiation for the AVM to be completely shriveled up. I'm sure Peanut will have many other scans to complete over those 2 years. For now, we will prepare for one appointment at a time and not worry about all the upcoming things. We are thrilled that we have a plan, that the doctor's have discussed her case at length to determine the best possible treatment and that we are moving forward. I am hoping that in 2 years we will be celebrating the end of this AVM journey with a trip to Disney! But SHHHHH! The kids don't know! ;)