Friday, January 18, 2013

A good week

     Well, today I had an appointment with my migraine specialist. I am excited to be taking fewer meds now! She agreed that it is time to take me off my daily meds and see if I can go without it without getting too many migraines. This med has many side effects and I am eager to see how much changes when I'm not on this medication. Probably the most annoying side effect has been the mental fog it puts me in. I just can't seem to find the words I want to say what I am thinking. In the coming weeks, it will be interesting to note which things were caused by my meds and which things are just simply me! :)
      Next week starts off with a hospital stay. Peanut is scheduled to have an MRI and her allergy to the dye requires steroids which affects her diabetes and then requires careful monitoring. For us, this visit will just be routine - nothing major, just a few hiccups to work around. We should only be in the hospital for one night which we are grateful for. It's always hard to stick to a routine (or get a decent night's sleep) in a hospital. The MRI will map out the AVM. After the MRI, they should be able to schedule her radiation treatment and then it's a waiting game. We are glad to be this far into the process. We are all too aware that things are not "safe" yet. For example, today - one of the few days I did not spend up at the school - Peanut fell on the playground and hit her head. We got a call from the school and my husband went up (since he was out in that neighborhood anyway). It was a very tense 15 minutes for me as I waited for a call to tell me that everything was ok. I tried not to worry but found myself getting more tense with every passing minute. I began to wonder if I should be throwing things in a bag for another long hospital stay. I should not have worried - she was fine. Thank God! She was back in her classroom before too long and went through the rest of her day as if nothing happened. I sure was excited to see her - happy and healthy - at the end of the school day! I don't know if I will ever learn the lesson "cast your cares upon the Lord" completely - it is always a struggle. I will keep working on that.
     This week has been a good one - filled with little moments of laughter, blessing and love. The other day, when Peanut discovered that she didn't have any clean pajama pants, she just couldn't handle it. So, I found a pair in the washer and tossed them in the dryer for a few minutes. She pulled them out and deemed them dry enough and changed into them. A few minutes later she came out of her room whining, "My pants are making me sockin' wet!" My husband and I couldn't help but laugh and then had about a 15 minute conversation about how much we didn't like being "sockin' wet". Another example of Peanut's own language is a "tomato storm". Anytime she talks about a "tomato storm" I don't correct her pronunciation of tornado because it makes me laugh every time! God has reminded me several times this week that we are so blessed. He has provided for us in so many amazing and unique ways! He has also reminded me how much our family is blessed simply because we are a family. Both of our children are happy and fairly healthy (aside from Peanut's issues which are working towards being resolved.) So, I end this week feeling at peace, blessed, calm and happy to be with my family, relaxing as the weekend begins.